Customers Data Management for Envato Authors

Manage & Understand your customers better through extensive and easy Customer Data Management.

customer management


Dedicated Portal for your Customers

Give your customers a dedicated portal where they can log in and do a better conversation with you.

1 manage customer
2 manage customer

Understand Customers Better with full Details

Our detailed customer page helps you to understand your customer well and treat them better with relationship history.

Easy Customer Exports for further usage

You can easily export all your customers to use it in other third-party tools like Emails, Newsletters, etc.

3 manage customer
4 manage customer

Customer Tickets and Purchases Linking

See all of your customer's Purchases and Tickets in one single place along with all customer details.

Our Features

Customers Management

Easy Customer Management with full customer tickets along with Tickets and Purchases.

Customer Portal

Beautiful dedicated customer portal with account management that your customer loves.

Customers Export

Export your customers and use them in the third-party tools to send Newsletters and Emails.



Early-Bird Launch

Everything you need as an Envato Author is bundled into AuthorDesk.

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